Tickets available for upcoming session April 12th

If you are interested in attending our upcoming session Saturday April 12th please clink on link below and book a ticket.

We welcome all levels of coders from beginners to experienced children aged 7-17.

If you are attending for the first time please book a Scratch ticket. Make sure you have Scratch2 downloaded onto your laptop prior to attending on Saturday.

Disappointed you didn’t get a ticket? Please email us at [email protected] where we will put your name on our waiting list, should a ticket become available you will be contacted.

Problems with Scratch updates

Hi all

Just a quick warning. Scratch might ask you over the next while if you want to update your offline editor. Unfortunately there is a problem on the developers’ end and the update is not working. It will appear to update correctly  but will leave you unable to open Scratch offline. You are better off stay as you are for now until we let you know otherwise!