February 2016 – Tickets now available


Our next session is next Saturday the 13th of February. Tickets are being released to our existing members for our classes which will be divided over morning and afternoon sessions.

Our current plan is:

Morning classes:

  • Beginners Scratch
  • Improvers Scratch
  • HTML
  • Arduino

Afternoon classes:

  • Beginners Scratch
  • Improvers Scratch
  • Open Class
  • App Inventor

These classes are STRICTLY ticketed admittance only.

The Beginners Scratch classes are suitable for complete beginners to Scratch and when they have completed the course and are comfortable with the basics they can move onto the Improvers class.

The Improvers Scratch class is suitable for those children who have a basic understanding of Scratch and are keen to learn more.

The App Inventor class is a follow on for experienced Scratch’ers who want to design cool Apps for the Android phone or Tablet.

The HTML/Java Script class is a Web Design course. Children must be EXPERIENCED coders to apply for this course.

The Arduino class offers experienced coders the opportunity to create cool interactive projects with the Arduino using C++ and Ardublock.

The Open Class combines Android apps (App Inventor) with electronics (Arduino circuits) to create some interesting “internet of things” projects. In addition, a mentor driven environment shall be provided to experienced coders who are interested in working on their own projects (HTML, APP Inventor, etc.).

For kids that have completed our beginners Scratch classes they are invited to join our second session which takes place on 4th Saturday of the month. The second session is currently group work where the kids work on projects that they create as a group within their class topic ie Scratch, App Inventor, HTML and Arduino.

If you wish to join our group please send an email to [email protected] where we can put you into our waiting list for spare tickets that become available should our regular attendees not require them. If your child wishes to join any of the ‘non beginners Scratch’ classes, please ask first as they may be joining a class that has progressed further than your child’s current ability.

Please remember that these classes are STRICTLY ticketed admittance only.