CoderDojo Navan September 2016 Session

The remaining event tickets are now open to the public for Saturdays CoderDojo.

Please note that ticketing is now with the CoderDojo foundation and there are now new steps to complete before you can book your ticket:

Register as a user (parents details if the child is under 13)
Register your childs details (if registered as a parent)
Once you have registered you will be brought back to the ticketing page
There you can book your Youth ticket.
Tickets are for children ONLY. Please do not book a ticket in an adults name.

This is a ticketed ONLY event. Admittance to the session will only be by producing a valid printed ticket.

If the event you want is fully booked, please DO NOT book your child into a different event as there is seating ONLY for the ticketed children at each session. You will also be preventing another child attending a class that they would like to be at.

Tickets can be obtained from

We are BACK after the summer break on Sat 10th September.

We hope you all had a happy and enjoyable summer break and got to enjoy some of the sun and fresh air. Now that September has rolled in we are back and ready to get going again.

We will now be holding our Dojo sessions for 6 consecutive Saturdays from Sat 10th Sept for a 2 hour session during a 4 hour window 11am – 3pm each week, instead of once a month. The actual times have been determined by the mentor leading each particular class. Therefore some classes will be 11am -1pm, others 12noon – 2pm and some 1pm – 3pm. In the new year there will then be another 6 week block of courses on offer in February (dates tbc).

Given the volunteer nature of the Dojo, it is requested that those signing up for a course, do so with the intention of attending all 6 Saturdays in recognition of the time being given by our volunteer mentors. The students that attend all dates will then be awarded a course completion certificate.

As well as ‘Scratch‘ (11am – 1pm each week) which is coding for beginners and younger students, we are now offering the following more advanced courses specifically targeting older kids that have perhaps attended in the past or are self-taught and wish to broaden their skills in any of the following areas.

  • Website Design – Do you have a hobby or want to share your interests? Then share these and more on your very own website. Learn how to create web pages in HTML and design each page using CSS for layouts, fonts, colours etc., With this knowledge you can then build and share your website on the web.
  • User Interface (UI) Design – Bring your app, game or web page to life by creating graphical user interfaces that engage and inspire people. Users need to feel comfortable with the system they are using and it needs to respond accordingly, i.e buttons should behave like buttons and aliens should wiggle. Using free tools like Inkscape and GIMP, learn to take your blank canvas and put your ideas to life in a way that people enjoy.
  • Python – Want to create a new gaming experience by exploring the magical world of Minecraft programming. You’ve probably beaten the creepers, traveled deep into caves and maybe even gone to The End and back – but have you ever transformed a sword into a magic wand? Built a palace in the blink of an eye? Designed your own colour-changing disco dance floor? Learn do this and more in Minecraft with the power of Python!
  • Dev Ops – (Development/Operations) – All websites sit on servers and Dev Ops are the people who put up and manage the websites online. Learn to use tools for controlling the website code/web app using Git, deploying code to servers, using linux, server administration and open source and it’s benefits. All to ensure that your website stays online and is easy to maintain.

For all courses except ‘Scratch’, students should already be familiar with basic computer functions such as downloading, opening files, saving information to different locations and basic keyboard skills.

There will be limited spaces for each course. Our regulars and those on our waiting list shall be contacted by email over the coming days with any available places thereafter announced here, on our Facebook page, and on our CoderDojo page on

If you are interested in any taking part or if you are interested in mentoring or offering your skills as a speaker to a class for a one off workshop on specialised software (such as Photoshop, Autocad, etc) or hardware workshop, please email us on [email protected]