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June session

The last session of the year was held on 8th June. Despite the fabulous weather there was a great turn-out and lots of great work done. The beginner Scratch class drew loads of colourful shapes and made a cool racing car game, while the advanced Scratchers had flowers popping up all over. The AppInventor group made a “Pong” game app. The code for the Scratch lessons is already up on our Scratch page.

Please note, this was the last session of the year, we will return again in September. So thanks to all the kids, parents and mentors who made this a great 6 months and I hope to see you all again after the summer. I’m sure everyone will continue to experiment with code over the summer – but only on the rainy days, mind!

June session 1





Pong Game

Pong Game assignment for 9th March 2013. Start SCRATCH and Open>Examples>Games>4.Pong. Can you make the game more exciting using a score, a high score and a timer? Challenge your friend to beat your high score. Click the picture below to see an example.

Pong Game