This beginners’ course is aimed at older children who have completed the Scratch courses, who are comfortable on the keyboard, and preferably have some experience writing code in any language (e.g. HTML, C#, Arduino, JavaScript). The course will introduce the basics of Java using the Processing environment. No prior knowledge of Java is required.

Processing is a Java-based coding platform aimed at learner programmers. Processing makes it very easy to create interactive graphical programs using Java.

In this course, students will write Java code in Processing to create interactive animations and simple games. These programs will introduce students to the basic concepts of programming in Java (e.g. data types, variables, methods, classes).

The Processing development environment is available to download for free on all platforms from:

Download Processing

Students are encouraged to arrive with Processing pre-installed on their laptops. Assistance will be given at the first session to anybody experiencing difficulty installing the software.