Website Design

Class Times:
This course is not currently available.  If you have an interest in this course for the next session, please contact [email protected]


Do you have something to tell the world? Do you want to share your interests, be they football, books or dinosaurs? Would you like to have your own website? If so, you need to learn how to build web pages!

In this 6 week course you will learn basic HTML, CSS and graphic design, how to link pages together, and how to put them up on the web on your own website.

Beginners’ Website Design

  • HTML (the standard markup language used to create web pages)
  • CSS (adding fonts, styles, colours, images, etc.)
  • Menus
  • Graphics
    • Image formats
    • Introduction to GIMP (Graphics application)
    • Working with layers, fonts, effects
GIMP – Graphics Editor

Remember, you don’t need to be a programmer…but students should be familiar with basic computer functions like downloading, opening files, saving into different locations, There will be typing involved – you don’t need to be able to type 50 wpm but basic keyboard skills are important.

Advanced Website Design

This class is aimed at students who have already completed the Beginners’ class  and wish to progress their skills.

  • Advanced CSS
    • Grids
    • Responsive design
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Advanced Menus


Before coming to class, please download a text editor for editing your web pages. We recommend Sublime Text (, Brackets ( or Atom ( Standard Notepad can be used but it’s better to get a text editor which uses different colours for different parts of the code – it makes things much easier.

Also, we ask that you please download and install Google Chrome, as we’ll be using its developer tools in this course.

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